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operate from Alrode South, Alberton.   We stock a vast range of bull-bars catering for your every need, whether enthusiast or commercial buyer.   protection and also allow for accessories like a winch, rod holders, front tow bar and spot lights to be easily mounted to the vehicle.  There are several reasons for fitting a bull-bar -  they offer a certain * Bumpers are designed not to interfere with bigger tyres / 

Features Include:

* Winch bracket, two spot light mounts, two hi-lift jack points


   suspension while maintaining and improving approach angles

We as owners have a hands on approach and are actively involved in the day to day running of our business. We pride ourselves in the high standards we have achieved through dedication and ongoing investment in all aspects of our business and strive to give you outstanding, personalized service, exceptional quality and best possible value. We are always at hand to discuss your individual preferences.


Delux Bumper

Delux Bumper © Nudge-m - 2014

Standard Bumper

Standard Bumper © Nudge-m - 2014

Delux Bullbar

Delux Bullbar © Nudge-m - 2014

Standard Bumper

Standard Bumper © Nudge-m - 2014